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D.I.Y – sparkle flip flops!

Thursday night. bucket of KFC , sparkles glue and old navy. 

i dont normally wear flip flops very often , i thought why not add some glam to it,  make it more personalized.?!

Here is the result and steps. 


step 1 ) 

If you can buy a new pair of flips if not. make sure your old ones are cleaned well ( if not the sparkles wont sit evenly  and will fall off fast ) 

old navy  2 or $6  ( i picked up a black pair too…  * a first for me *

step 2 

  pick  up sparkles i dont think they matter much ,  i also picked up sparkle glue and tried to match it to the sparkle but you can also just use regular white glue : )

step 3 

 take the sparkle glue and put on the rubber thong part carefully ( because where you put glue sparkles will stick )  its nice with the sparkle glue because it has abit of a nozzle that you can you use to spread and put on slowly and carefully  then apply sparkles over top. wait about 30 mins after 


step 3 – after waiting 30 mins add a top coat in clear, or use hair spray!  it helps seal the sparkles with out flaking off.

I waited over night, i also covered the shoe with paper  (so when  i  sprayed the  gloss glue it wouldnt ruin the flip flops )

but its super easy and here is the end result !


i have few outfits i can glam up with this new flip flop.!! yah

enjoy !

Friday’s song of the day – > Sean Paul – Got 2 luv U ft. Alexis Jordan


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