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On to the next one

Labour day has come and gone, the days of wearing white and walking outside carefree is all about to leave us. Now we think of layers, sweaters, ( pants — what are those again?) and jackets!

So before its time to pack away summer clothing, i decided to pull out my crop top and show how you can wear it transitional 







The outfit

crop top – boutique

leggings – talula (Aritzia)

Blazer – h&m

boots – uggs

jewelery –  ubran planet – and  ( free them )

TUESDAYS SONG SKRILLEX – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

kisses fashionland


fashion provocateur

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 Yah im really excited that i finally finished sewing my  off the shoulder messenger bag!  I absolutely love designing and creating, its one of the things in fashion i enjoy most!  I  recycled these old  flare jeans  and I sewed the lining with a great gingham fabric that i picked up at the fabric store for cheap cheap cheap!

Denim is huge this  season i was so glad i could sew and create my own bag, its a fun way to recycle something and keep costs down!!  Please keep in mind denim is a tough fabric to sew so its best to have a sewing machine :) I cannot wait to start my dress   any suggestions for a fabric let me know!!!


Old jeans





louis vuitton & my novel – the girl with the dragon tatooo  ( great read!)





adding a simple camisole underneath a low cut top adds great flare , as well as adding a belt can help break up the dress to add some dimension



 love mybag!



keeping things very simple.  My headband was even created from a pair of old stockings that had a hole in them!  They were for my garter skirt, so it had a lace detail  so i m using it now as a headband d.i.y!


Dress-  talula

camisole – guess

belt – jacob


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