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The Motto : YOLO

Just a quick post. Ever here the expression fake it till you make it? well it reminds me  of this brand new bag i got ( still worth a pretty penny , but its fake.) Yes my new gucci is  fake. Well first of i like the brand not crazy about the bags to spend 1000+ on them plus not everyday you can get a brand new LV  wallet and scarf.

I know plenty of girls who you have fake acc’s  and passed them off as real  its pretty easy to spot.  who knows why they do it , but  its okay to embrace  things that  are fake. Girls dye their hair ( fake ) have fake nails ( fake ) or some carry around  designer bags ( fake) 

adore it , love it  then when you get the real one you can appreciate it oh so much more :D

YOLO – You Only Live Once

I dont think anyone can say anything bad about Micheal Kors. LOVE his collections over the  last few years ( bags not so much since i feel the similarity between the gucci and coach brands ) BUT HIS SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR.





its wicked the picture doesnt show how big this bag is!

The outfit

Cardi – Garage

Tank – Bamboo

Leggings – Bamboo

Boots – Michael Kors

Necklace – Tiffanys key

Belt – H&M

Kisses fashion land!

fashion provocateur

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Heres What I’ll Do, I’ll Take Care Of You

Oh no you wake up  its 8 20 and you need to be at work by 9  what do you do?!

I like the idea of finding full proof outfits that  you have matched out before. but sometimes you  dont think that far ahead.


 I have this outfit that seems to work all the time. pairing it some bold statement jewelery boots and a wicked belt your out the door. 

Taking a plain long t-shirt  thats it!



Add a belt and voilà !




Easy simple  and always fashionably cute!

The outfit

t-shirt – Banana Republic

leggings – Bamboo

Belt – Holts

Leggings – Bamboo

necklace /ring – tiffanys

nails – red O.P.I

Knit boots – UGG


Kisses fashionland

fashion provocateur

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yellow mellow

Quick outfit love this burned yellow, great for the fall… having a lazy day here is my longer sweater tunic enjoy! two different ways to wear the pants –



detail shot



The outfit 

Yellow tunic – TNA 

jeans – Urban Planet 

watch – fossil 

ring – tiffanys 

by the lake relaxing after work – harvest moon 

Bamboo white tee – AMAZING

THURSDAYS SONG Akon ft. Ludacris – Drop Down


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black & pink, black & pink , black & pink

Sunday funday… well almost at work till 5 ! Had a pretty good weekend compared to being deathly sick last weekend.  Went to a comedy club called yuk yuks! great service and i was laughing hard. I also worked. Here are my outfits.  Ibought a few items  3 of which are being shown in this post.

A pair of pants, skirt two tops for 35.. including tax!! love love bargains. i havent begun to let summer go so while its still around im taking full advantage of it. 

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same clothes on someone.. week after week!?!

TIFF festival is taking place. im sad not involved in the public relations for it..i have just been so busy! i hope to make it down for a film and party ! IF anyone goes please let me know how it goes!

and FOOTBALL yaah~!






The outfit

Jeans – NEW* $10 – urban planet

lace top – BOA

Leather Jacket – solitaire






close up on these darling earings



The outfit

pink top – bamboo amazing!!!

skirt – NEW*  wool like perfect for the fall – 9.99$ urban planet

booties – Stitches 

Jewelery – Tiffanys 

earrings – Ardene

Day 3


@ YUK YUK’S on friday

SUNDAY FUNDAY SONG – Prima J – Rock Star

love and kisses fashionland

always your fashion guide

fashion provocateur

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A few photos taken this weekend ! Im super excited to be going camping this weekend. figuring out a bunch of outfits to take, also my D.I.Y project will be up enjoy!





First Outfit

Floral tank – wal -mart

Yellow skirt – forever 21

Belt – Michael Kors

Second outfit

Grey v tee – boa

purple skirt – dynamite

belt – Liz Claiborne

necklace – tiffanys

Third Outfit

plaid shirt – Garage

black shorts – guess

belt – Banana Republic

Boots – UGGS

MONDAYS SONG – Lil Wayne \”Sorry 4 The Wait (Adele – Rolling In The Deep)\”

kisses fashionland

lalalal floating

fashion provocateur

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Fall Trends Part 1

Ugh… as i write this post  it makes me shutter… yes i dont mind fall its really pretty and i love the  chance you get to play with layering before you go straight for the winter coats.. but i feel like there isnt enough summer!  But  im anxiously waiting the new fall merch! it should be a good season!

I also have decided to do this post in two parts.

so here is FASHION PROVOCATEURS  top / 10 trends this season

Trend #1 Color – Yes yet again we are seeing colour pouring on to the run ways! I m in love the the deep purple that is popping up everywhere along with neon orange, purple, sky blue and others designers such as Alberta Ferretti, Victoria Beckham,  Burberry Prorsum to name a few.

Trend # 2  Androgyny – alot of suits strong lines  manly shirts and boots to name a few. This always seems to be a theme in the fall time.  You see a TON of designers hoping on board Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga etc etc etc

I love chanel’s runway for this look


Trend #3 – Texture    Mixing lots of patterns textures together. lace / leather / fur /patters tons of layers!Gucci , Louis Vuitton , Etro

Gucci fall 2011

dolce and gabbana

Trend # 4 – 40s Elegance.  – Very happy about this one! I LOVE the retro  playbacks to this era,  last year we saw this trend with more of a 50’s vibe from Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton :)  Now Gucci John Galliano, Miu Miu.


Jonathan Saunders

Trend #5 Midi and Maxi   Midi – it means a skirt to your knees or a bit longer! AND of course the maxi skirt/ dress which is again coming back! wearing this trend in layers is KEY! Designers who got on board with this trend; ries Van Noten, Chloe, Balenciaga, Roland Mouret, Antonio Marras, St.John and other designer collections.



Please stay tuned for PART  2  of fall trends 2011

Quick outfit  what i m wearing to work !



The outfit

white cardi – H&M

detail stretch cami – BOA

Peach skirt – Club Monaco

Wedges – Aldo

Necklace / Ring – Tiffanys

Bracelet  – Guess


kisses fashionland

fashion provocateur

FRIDAYS SONG – AN OLDIE BUT GOODIE ->Calabria 2007 – Enur feat. Natasja & MIMS

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Miss AP

Eeekk im just so excited with my first online purchase ! 190-250 pounds for a bra at agent provocateur will set you back but  its sucha thrill especially if you have a love and appreciation for lingerie!   they have the most amazing pieces and  you can follow them on twitter :)

 quick outfit post, oh knee highs how i missed you :D easy simple, trying to show you can still bring tights, knee highs with shorts and matching old items with new ones!







and again my love MISS AP

the outfit 

vest – American apparel

periwinkle tank top – suzy shier * NEW

shorts –  guess 

knee highs – ardene

booties –  stitches

necklace – tiffanys 

Fridays song – You can go your own way



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tiffany’s has the key to my heart & all my secrets 

Secrets secrets are no fun they can only hurt someone……  my mom has told me this since i was little girl and it still holds

true today.  Its alot harder to live a pure honest life then lie.  Lying is the cowards way out. Its  easier to be  dis-loyal but your secrets will always come out! SO becareful ;)

I thought i would showcase pattern on pattern. You wouldn’t believe the people i hear saying,  that you can’t wear two different pattern pieces together.. i say if its done well.. its fashion brilliance! 

here is my take on squaring up on pattern!

pattern LV marc jacobs etc










The outfit 

Studded top – boa 

Printed skirt  / Belt – H&M

Booties – boutique

tiffanys key and ring

I love classical music.. it soothes my soul and brings me back to a time where i wish i was.  Erik Satie is a constant inspiration TODAYS song is

MONDAY’S SONG – Erik Satie – Gymnopédie nº 3


kisses fashionland 

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Fashion, Models & Jeanne Beker

Good morning fashionland.  what a week filled with outfits, fashion and hot models. I got the great pleasure in being involved in the Oakville fashion show.  Its a fashion show put on by the boutiques in the area.  I was a dresser… which meant i had to dress style perfect the models before they go onstage. its ALOT of pressure and you need to be quick and organized. Im not sure if anyone has seen ” the hills” with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.  they  were dressers in many backstage shows! it was very exciting and, one of the boutiques downtown oakville actually  carry some pieces from whitney ports label called – whitney eve!  one of the models got to wear this amazing jet blue dress!

ALSO to make the experience any better i got to meet my personal idol for Canadian fashion –

Jeanne Beker from fashion television she looked amazing in a pink  trench and louboutin pumps.  I also got to work with Ron White shoes which are too die for!!! here are some photos i quickly snapped because i had ZERO time and it was all about fashion, models and clothes. no time for photos! :)

I was so excited to pull out my Michael Kors dress i picked up at Holt Renfrew weeks before!!!


Me backstage getting things ready



here is the chart i needed to make out. by scene, outfit , detail outfit description

  side profile of my dress ! LOVE it fits amazing. pricey but amazing

me, and jeanne in the back :D

Ron White shoes my model was wearing



before the show started – walk way


YAHHH  a picture with me and jeanne and a model :)


me holder her TRENCH AND PURSE!!!! :o

 she is standing in the green pattern dresss amazing!


Love her shoes :)

It was so amazing im getting butterflies just looking at these pictures again!!


side strap lace up dress – michael kors

wedges – aldo

jewelery – ring boyfriend tiffanys, bracelet vintage ( aunts )  passed down necklace from mom 

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos i already am in the works with another fashion show. they are SOO much fun. i hope i can do some real blogging on them!


fashion provocateur

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Like David and Goliath, I conquered the giant. So now I got the world in my hand, I was born from two stars So the moon’s where I land!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! It truly is my favourite time of the  year :D

I got the privileged  to attend a hockey game that was in honor of Breast Cancer surviours, people going through it and friends and family. I volunteer  my time  helping out at the ‘Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’. It is so rewarding and makes me think how grateful  i am  to have my health and to be around these powerful inspiring women!

So while i was there  my girlfriend snapped a few photos of the event and our  inspired  pink clothing!

here is the mayor of Mississauga Hazel McCallion !  dropping the puck

i absolutely love my argyle nail pattern! and how appropriate for this occasion !

New hair!! its alot lighter :)

my girlfriend myranda on TV talking about the foundation!

Awesome new purse

bamboo fiber leggings are a must!! its great for the environment and are produced in a safe way ( not bad labour )

another back view of my   knee socks ! i love the little  bows!  again perfect for this game!

* hint matching the same tone knee sock to your legging can add a little detail that sets you apart from everyone else wearing leggings! *

myranda in her pink outfit! i love the hardware on her boots and that ring!

mmm pink frosting! and YES the ice is dyed pint for the event!

Myranda and I on the Big screen!

post event drinks! IM DYING over my new Hello Kitty CASE!! ( my first ebay purchase! )  soo i nlove!  and my new hair yaah :)


pink cotton  off the shoulder top – urban plant

leggings – bamboo  (boa)

jewelry – mostly gifts, necklace – tiffanys , ring gift, and bracelet!

purse – donald j pliner   ( amazing bags!! )

boots – browns

black eyed peas – just cant get enough

this song perfectly describes how i m feeling!! :D


Thank you so much for  reading!  and here is song that im just  going nuts over ! Enjoy

kisses fashionland ,

fashion provocateur

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