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God Bless America

Finally Finally after generations of different presidents FINALLY the states have passed a health care bill that will benefit the ” real” people who make up the population of the united states!  Obama and the rest of congress  have finally motioned the bill forward and it will be in full force by 2014! CONGRATS america for finally joining the rest of the western world!  I know this isnt fashion, but there is always fashion involved.  SO in this post i am going to talk  barbies, ( How much more american can you get?) this girl (barbie) has had every career profession imaginable, and has been entertainment for millions of children!  Iam a big barbie fan i love her figure, dresses, costumes and designs. i have been collecting holiday barbies from since i was a little girl.  Here are a few of my favourite barbies, and my own collection!


1959 Barbie swimsuit






1976 Barbie


Dr. Barbie

New Generation Barbie

karl-lagerfeld ( chanel)  was a huge fan of barbie and had to create designs ( outfits dresses to celebrate barbies anniversary!





Here are  FEW of my Barbies that i have collected still in the orginal packaging! enjoy xo








My Polish Barbie <3


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