Outfit – romantic dreams

Loving life, enjoying the weather quick daytime outfit at my girlfriends house :)

Cute, cardi, skirt, tank top, knee highs and tiffanys!

Pink cardi – urban beahvouir

pink grey knee highs – roots

skirt – billabong

white tank top – aritzia

ballet flats – BCBG

Lisa & I





3 thoughts on “Outfit – romantic dreams

  1. Danielle says:

    omg i loveee the pink in the knee highs! & love love love the coach purse! im goin to buffalo mon i cant wait im soo coming home with like 20 coach purses!!

  2. Englishvers says:

    I love pink. You look good in this outfit and I also like the colour combination, too.

  3. karnii says:

    cute! reminds me of something rachel from glee would wear…

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