tiffany’s has the key to my heart & all my secrets 

Secrets secrets are no fun they can only hurt someone……  my mom has told me this since i was little girl and it still holds

true today.  Its alot harder to live a pure honest life then lie.  Lying is the cowards way out. Its  easier to be  dis-loyal but your secrets will always come out! SO becareful ;)

I thought i would showcase pattern on pattern. You wouldn’t believe the people i hear saying,  that you can’t wear two different pattern pieces together.. i say if its done well.. its fashion brilliance! 

here is my take on squaring up on pattern!

pattern LV marc jacobs etc










The outfit 

Studded top – boa 

Printed skirt  / Belt – H&M

Booties – boutique

tiffanys key and ring

I love classical music.. it soothes my soul and brings me back to a time where i wish i was.  Erik Satie is a constant inspiration TODAYS song is

MONDAY’S SONG – Erik Satie – Gymnopédie nº 3


kisses fashionland 

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2 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Very cute photos and I most certainly agree with your take on secrets

  2. We are following your blog, it is wonderful and very well done congratulations.
    Glorinha and Rogerio Rinaldi
    Creators earring Like

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